The collection includes Includes a virtual Black history museum called “Our Stories,” resources focused on the city’s 15th Ward, where Black southerners settled in to take electronics and manufacturing jobs, links to buy tickets to upcoming performances tied to Black history and a list of relevant books available at the association.

“OHA stands with those who, over time, have shown that standing up against injustice can make a difference,” Gregg Tripoli, the organization’s executive director, wrote to supporters on June 6.

​“We take pride in telling their stories to show how positive change can happen,” he continued. “We use the advantage of hindsight to reveal the errors of our ways, and we provoke discussion about how best to move forward so that our legacy is a proud one.”

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The Onondaga Historical Museum in downtown Syracuse, N.Y.,  is part of the Onondaga Historical Association. The OHA has just launched the "Documenting the Struggle" website page, which tells the story of Black Syracuse, photo, Beyond the Railroad.

Historical association in Syracuse launches online treasure trove of Black

history and culture materials

The Onondaga Historical Association in Syracuse, N.Y., has unveiled an online resource of Black culture and history dubbed “Documenting the Struggle.”  

Clarence Dunham Jr. tests teletype machine at Western Electric in Syracuse, 1967, photo, Black History Preservation Project.